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April 27, 2017  •  2 Comments

Whether you call it glamour photos, lingerie pictures, beauty portraits, or boudoir photographs, you've decided that you'd like to see your sexy side. Are you a little nervous? You're normal. The unknown is unsettling. Information is your friend. Let me help you. First you'll need to find a boudoir photographer. Here are a few tips on how to choose a boudoir photographer for you.

1. Look at their style. 

Photography is an art and each artist has a style that is their own. They have a vision. Look through their portfolio gallery. Does their style of editing appeal to you? Does it match what you had in mind for your shoot? Some photographers have a dark shadowy edit, others produce light airy images, and then there's everything in between. Does the posing appeal to you? Make sure that you are comfortable with that kind of imagery for yourself. Check to see if their work is consistently similar.

2. What kind of experience do you want?

Are you just looking for quick pretty pictures or are you wanting to have a special day that caters to you? Ask the photographer what the session includes? Are hair and makeup provided? Will there be any snacks or beverages? How much camera time will you get? Will your photographer assist you with wardrobe choices?

Some photographers offer mini sessions, which is just like it sounds, mini. To keep cost low, the hair and makeup may not be offered, or only one of the two, and it's much shorter in time. With less time to photograph, less images are produced. On the positive side, this kind of boudoir shoot is budget friendly.

If you are wanting an experience that has healing qualities as well as pampering, you may be disappointed with the mini option. That kind of session takes time. I see women at transitional times in their life; getting married or divorced, pre or post surgery, before a weight loss journey and after that journey is accomplished...that kind of thing.  Some women simply struggle to appreciate their own beauty. Those full sessions include more camera time. There's more time to relax, and connect with yourself as well as your photographer. That leaves time for more outfit changes and a larger gallery of images, as well.

Think about what you are trying to accomplish with your shoot. Do you need a quick gift for someone? A mini will likely fit the bill. If you are wanting an experience that is for you with a bonus for that special someone, a full session would be your best option.

3. What is included in their boudoir shoot experience?

Do you remember the glamour pictures that they shot at the mall? The 90's were fun, weren't they (or am I just dating myself...eeep)? Part of the experience was having the hair and makeup done, along with the wraps. Those were the days! In order to provide a consistent product, I provide a professional hair stylist and makeup artist with every boudoir shoot so that the images on my website will match in quality with what you would receive in your gallery. If the photographer gives you the option to use her artists or do your own, you may want to ask to see images of both varieties, so you know what to expect. Ask what kind of makeup the artist uses. Is it designed for photography? What about false eyelashes, are they included? In my opinion, they are a must for a shoot! I've been using the same artists and stylists for years. They know what works best for my boudoir photo shoots. It never hurts to ask them about their glamsquad. I love to brag about mine.

4. What do you want to do with your images?

Ask the photographer what print options they have, if any. What is your comfort level? Do you want to keep your images discrete, for your private viewing? Albums are a perfect choice. Ask to see a sample and find out how many pages and images they hold. Is it the type of quality that you want? For the bold girl who wants to show off her images, wall art may be for you. Find out what kind they carry. There are canvases, metals, framed, and acrylics, to name a few. Maybe you want a bit of both. Is there an option for that?  We live in a digital age. Does the photographer have any digital options?

5. Do you feel comfortable with the photographer?

Saving the most important for last. This is a very important one. How do you get to know the photographer? Is communication done by email, a phone call, or in person?  With their form of contact, are you made to feel comfortable with them? Every woman that inquires with me, gets an in person consultation. I'm about to ask her to get down to her birthday suit for me, so I like to buy her a cup of coffee first. Not only do we get a chance to get to know one another, I also get to let her know what to expect from a shoot.  Among other things, I can help her select wardrobe, give her beauty service recommendations, and answer all her questions. If you'd like to get to know me better, I invite you to join my private, women only, Facebook VIP group, HERE. We motivate and get to know one another in the group, and of course there are the shenanigans! The group is usually the first to know about what is happening at Karen Ludwig Boudoir Photography. So come join us!

I've been on both sides of the camera lens. Because of that, I've created an experience that will fulfill my clients emotionally, physically, and spiritually. The session that I offer is modeled after the session that I would want. Contact me to schedule a consult of your own by clicking the picture below. It is free, with no obligation. Just meet with me for a coffee and see what boudoir is all about. 

what to expect at a boudoir photo shootwhat to expect at a boudoir photo shootCONTACT ME to learn more

Karen Ludwig Boudoir is a boudoir photographer, located in Patterson, California 95363 , about an hour south of Sacramento, and approximately the same distance east of San Francisco. My location allows me to serve clients in the Tri Valley (Dublin, Livermore, Pleasanton California), Bay area, Northern California and the Central Valley as well. I create intimate portraits of women who are looking for a boutique photographic experience, where they explore their bold sexy side and appreciate their beauty, while creating alluring images of their unique “you”.



Great advice... kind of works for choosing a photographer for most types of sessions too :)
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Great tips! Very helpful.
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