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Photography experiences for women, ready to unleash their sensual fire

Patterson, California

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Imagine looking in the mirror and, without exception, loving the person looking back at you. Imagine how confident you’ll feel, not only because you’ve seen your beauty, but also because you feel complete. There are many pieces that complete the perfect puzzle that is you. One of those pieces is your sensuality.

A boudoir experience will help you find that piece and slip it into place, creating a powerful and confident you. Now imagine a world where that puzzle piece is missing? What does it look like with that empty space? I’m going to help you complete your puzzle because this world is a better place when it’s full of confident women.



I'm Karen, your photographer and owner of Karen Ludwig Boudoir Photography. I'm here to guide you past that mean girl in your head that lies to you in the mirror, help you shine a light on your sexy, and stand by your side while you give the finger to anyone who tries to quell your sensuality.

Located in Patterson, California

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Client Raves !

'“BEST. DAY. EVER. I feel like a whole new side of me has been woken up.” ~Mrs C

“I needed to feel sexy and womanly. Karen accomplished that.” ~Mrs S

“I just want to say thank you for making me feel special today. My daughters said I looked beautiful when I got home. This has boost my confidence so much.” ~Mrs K

“I felt completely comfortable...... even in my underwear. Karen has a sweet, sassy nature about her that makes you embrace each move and position she guides you to. I told her from jump that I was no model, but she turned me into one!” ~Ms H

“This experience made me realize that I am still sexy and can be sexy. Karen is very relaxing, loves what she does, and brings the sexy out of you.” Mrs J


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The Boudoir Experience

A woman’s sensuality is part of who she is. Getting in touch with it is transformative. When you fully express, build, and love your feminine energy, you’ll know exactly who you are. And then you’ll be unstoppable. I can help you learn more about what to expect from a session with me, so get your consultation!

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Getting your consultation is the first step to learning what to expect at your boudoir experience. The consultations are free and there’s no obligation to book a shoot.


Makeup Artist

Each session includes a seasoned professional hair stylist and makeup artist that come to us.

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Hair Stylist

We will advise you on a look that suits you best, considering your wardrobe and the mood you wish to create.


The Shoot

2 Hours of private camera time.



I’ll coach you for expression and guide you to get the look we're going for.

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I’ll help you find the products that best fit your needs.



Women have said they couldn’t imagine spending the dollars on a boudoir shoot for themselves instead of their kids. I get that, I do. I put my kids before myself a lot. It’s part of being a mother. I respect that. I also know that I’m better for those I love when I take care of myself.

You deserve a life full of confidence. To accept anything less would be regretful. Sessions like this aren’t just a great gift for your significant other. They feed your soul so you have more to give.

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Print Products



Albums are a more discrete way to preserve your images.


Wall Art

Wall art is a great daily reminder of the sensual woman you are.



Matted prints can be displayed or kept discrete. It's up to you.



There are digital options, as well as a number of add-ons.

My average client invests $1800, however print products range from $800-$2500.

It’s Time

There comes a time when you feel like part of you is missing or at least shining a little less than you’d like. If you are here right now, looking into a boudoir session, that time is now. So reach out to me. Get your consultation. There’s nothing to lose and the best part of you to gain. You’re never going to be more ready than you are right now. But first you have to click that button to get your consultation.


Q & A 

You have questions, I have answers.

Schedule your consultation. Your future self will thank you.

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